Foreign investment

If you wish to obtain Spanish residency or nationality, to set up a company or buy property in Spain, we can ensure qualified legal assistance at all times. Furthermore, the translators in our team will make sure any inconvenient language barriers vanish. Our clients will be attended to in their own language during each stage of the process. On the day a contract is signed, we either accompany the client or sign in their name with the Power of Attorney.

Our team not only possesses a thorough knowledge of Spanish Law, but we also have permanent agreements set up with highly-qualified specialists abroad. This allows our clients, amongst other benefits, to name us as their legal representatives and draw up a Power of Attorney in their country of origin. And if the client so wishes, they can appoint us as their tax representative in Spain.

You can get to know our collaborators in your country in the Collaborators section.
  • Sastre & Sastre Abogados
  • Sastre & Sastre Abogados
  • Sastre & Sastre Abogados
  • Sastre & Sastre Abogados
Amongst the many services we offer are:

• Representation at administrative bodies, Notaries, Courts and Tribunals
• Preparation of documentation
• Supervision of all types of procedures
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