Sastre & Sastre Lawyers

Sastre & Sastre Lawyers
Created in 1995, our team's mission has always been to offer a personalised and expert service with the premise of transparency and commitment to the client. The professionalism of our specialists and their extensive experience permits us to offer our clients the broadest range of legal services.

We set out our rates clearly with a fixed price quotation through a legal service contract in the language selected by the client. This is done prior to any judicial or extra judicial activity, detailing the price of the service in advance to avoid unpleasant, last-minute surprises. The personalised attention conferred to each and every one of our clients ensures that they know at any given moment what they will have to pay to receive a service. To guarantee peace of mind and to gain our clients' confidence has always been – and always will be – our overriding objective.

We would be delighted to handle your case and advise you with the professionalism you deserve.
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